Topaz Video AI v4.0.3

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released November 7th, 2023


Changelog from 4.0.2

  • Improved accuracy and consistency of frame interpolation.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused Nyx to use 2x upscaling instead of 1x.

Known Issues

  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Preview frames syncing may be off by roughly 1/2 a frame.
  • Rotation w/ previews will not be rotated.
  • Stuttering on entrance-to/leaving previews / looping.

Feel like we’re missing something here.
The list of changes has two items, yet the list of known issues went down from ten to four.
At best it should have gone down to eight.


Were topaz employees on vacation last week?


If there is no content, it is not necessary to update it every week.


They have done that before. A little preaching to the choir, eh? :wink:


They’re not considered issues anymore… they’re now “features”


What are you people at Topaz smoking, drinking, injecting, that would make you release 4.0.3?


Sloppy release notes. Every known issue from the previous release needs to be in the notes for the newest one, either as a fix or an issue that continues to be known. Otherwise, the inferrence that the team is throwing up its hands in failure over the unaccounted for issues is inevitable.


The beta from yesterday has more fixes than this release.

So is it true that the beta from yesterday is more up to date ?!

YES: The Preview Looping bug is still here…fixed in the Beta yesterday.
I would have rather published the Beta as a release…


could you guys work on deinterlacing its minimal like it doesn’t work

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Please back the support of CPUs without AVX2 !!!


Hi ForSerious. Read this… Try Nyx2 but don’t use original pixel, try square pixel and let me know about the oversharpening. With Square Pixel the file is a lot less oversharpened

I think one can reach higher in v 4 with compare view, which is great! However, the crop window in 2x gets squeezed still in 4.0.3.

Can we please - for the love of God - stop being sloppy and get some of the ultra basic UI elements right:

  • Can’t remember zoom (While working on trying to get certain details right, it can become a real chore to have to change zoom back to how you set it after every panel/setting/preview change! It worked nicely in 2.6.4)
  • Make sure video at 100% is actually 100% not 130% (error from the beginning seriously wtfudge)
  • Zoom should be a slider not a few presets
  • Zoom doesn’t go lower than 100% so low resolution content is always fit to window. Not possible to see at real size. Crazy.
  • Cropping is altering video dimensions by cutting away part(s). Topaz means TRIM
  • Make Menus actually make sense (ALL (video)apps in existence have this figured out)
    (I update this when I find more)

I tagged the Topaz members here but instead of (one of) them answering the tags were quickly removed from this post.


Edit menu review + a Main Menu that everyone can understand:

Moving items to the correct Menu:



Some things you do too simple (Prefs / Main menu) but then you over complicate the simplest things:

Custom Resolution:



I can’t set zoom to a custom % anymore. This still worked recently. Now it’s not possible anymore to view the content at 100% (it’s 74% in VEAI at least on my machine).


So please tell us @Tpoaz why oh WHY make all these new UI rules we don’t need and change everything constantly back & forth & over again it’s EXHAUSTING.

These are all really simple UI things to fix in 3 afternoons.


Remember folks this is not free or cheap software! It should be decent!


Just left click the view box and then on a preview in the list you want in that square. Zoom is the scroll wheel.

Oh, but I only ever ran it with it set to square pixels.
I think the oversharpening might come from having too small of resolution. I have not tried anything bigger than 854 by 480.
It has been a few updates now, I can try all my tests again.

What square are you talking about?

Zoom scoll isn’t accurate at least not in this app.

This is like buying a new car without side or rearview mirrors, and a windshield that stays black until it’s ready. Oh, but no worries. You can stick your head out the side window to drive right away. Trust us, these features will be reinstated soon and will be better than ever! :smile:


But it ‘looks’ better when the list of issues is short!


All frame interpolation still creates large artifacts in any high speed scenes.


24 to 50 FPS apollo v8

When a preview loops, it has a pause of about 3-5 seconds before playing again.