Topaz Video AI v3.4.4

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released September 12th, 2023


Changelog from 3.4.3

  • Adds AV1 encoder for AMD 7000 series and 700 iGPUs.
  • Adds option to reset all preferences to defaults.
  • Adds new “Advanced” tab section to preferences. More items will be added to this in the future.
  • Adds change to copy all subtitle tracks for MKV exports. Support for more containers will be added in the future.
  • Adds improvements to file size for dynamic high setting without sacrificing visual quality (targets 95 VMAF).
  • Adds fix vastly improving responsiveness for live preview for MKV & WebM formats.
  • Changes minimum preview duration to 0.5 seconds, which fixes some bugs that could happen with <10 fps videos.
  • Fixes NVIDIA Tesla GPUs not showing encoder options.
  • Fixes videos encoded with H265 from AMD GPUs not playing on iOS and macOS.
  • Fixes output bitrate appearing on an output item when using a codec that does not use bitrate (ex. ProRes).
  • Fixes bug making it impossible to seek by typing frame number after trimming.
  • Fixes target bitrate in preferences displaying incorrect number.

Known Issues:

  • Intel ARC is currently unsupported.
  • For Interlaced and Interlaced-Progressive videos, setting FPS back to Original may cause issues. To get around this, re-import the file. This only happens after manually changing the FPS.
  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration
  • Frame number preview length may shorten on app restart

Is there iris v2?


Loving the regular updates! Much appreciated!


No Iris2, no Nix, no updates.


I am happy that the focus is on quality I tested Nix in the beta it is unbelievable slow and also features like second pass have not made me happy especially if you use iris v1 on first pass

Hello, I was wondering when you are going to add other features, such as color correction. There is a software called Acrovid Neofootage AI, which is used to scale videos, like Veai, which has color correction capabilities etc, I have only played with the trial version and it only exports 1 minute videos, it seems extremely slow, but the idea is very good, since many things can be corrected with that software. I wish Topaz Veai would do the same


How do I start exporting images from a specific frame? I’ve already exported half the video. When I try to export it always starts from the first frame.

Does it mean I can type out point now?
As of 3.4.2, I can’t manually enter out point, only in point. It’s very frustrating, considering there’s no precise trimming control like zooming in to trim.

Edit: just tested, yes I can enter out point, it doesn’t reset to the end of source anymore. Yay!

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Here’s how in picture form:



Just so you know. Several people have reported frame number inconsistencies in the past. You might want to double check that you’re not duplicating frames or missing any while doing this. I have not tested to see if those reported issues have been fixed.


About 5 minutes after completing the export, my computer suddenly turned off. This error occurs in all versions.
Does everyone have this error like me?

How to avoid monster faces when IRIS is used to enhance smartphone clips e.g. 480x 848 to FHD:

I start by selecting a very short trim of my video clip which I want to enhance using IRIS.
(If necessary I crop the most critical section of a face in that trim)

Than I start with IRIS Auto, Recovering Detail @100!
In most cases the result is soft but resonable in details.

In a second step I might try IRIS Auto, Recovering Detail @20, or even go to Relative to Auto adjusting carfully some settings.

With a satisfactory compromise of settings with this trim I might test it with an other section of my video before I apply this preset for the total video.

Off course “garbadge in result in garbadge out”. At least I avoid by above proceedings that TVAI “invents” details which worsen monster faces caused by the inadequate resolution of the original.

With extremely bad source material I’ve also had success by using Artemis LQ to clean the video up first and then in a second pass use Iris.
This can avoid strange inserted eyes and other things.


Now the macOS Sonoma release candidate is out (23A339) and the Iris V1 model is still completely unusable in x1 and x2 upscaling:

Time is running out to fix this as the release of Sonoma now is imminent…

P.S.: The 4x upscale does work. Also Iris V2 does work - but I often prefer the much more natural output of V1.

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Base on Topaz history, I guess they will put those new features (model improvement) in v3.5.0 as a major upgrade.


Thanks for the update on this. I’ve let our dev team know about this error and I will update you when we have new information.

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I see lightning & color balance in topaz photo ai. Hope to see this feature in video ai.

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It was said to be corrected in V3.5 as there’d be changes needed from both sides, Apple and Topaz.

Will try that not sure if Artemis LQ is underestimated compared to the other enhancements I am afraid it actually is as I see magic results without blowing up anything

Topaz Video AI Beta v3.5.0.0.b;

The changelog on v3.5.0.0.b seems to suggest that Iris v2 and Nyx v1 will be in next release. So I expect v3.5.0 will have Iris v2 and Nyx v1


The Iris V1 bug is solved in the