Topaz Video AI v3.3.5

Just verifying that on Windows, versions 3.3.4 and 3.3.5 have issues with live preview.
This happens only if you try to preview on any frame other than the very first one. If you try to preview on the very first frame then it works.
In case you try to preview on any other frame, then you have to wait until the preview is rendered before you can see the result (i.e. it is not really a live preview).

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Yes, that’s normal. That there is a file of similar size. I’d even say it’s the same size. Only the name changes, with letter and number names.
The only way to remove it is manually. But you’ll need to keep a copy of the previous version’s full installer to install subsequent versions correctly.

“It’s funny”…
I had since yesterday no problems with live preview. I could preview left original and right enhanced footage, which was synchron.
Yesterday I installed 3.3.5 and have now big issues with the preview. I use always the 10-second-preview.
I tested several clips with same error: on the left preview side (original footage) only some frames are shown after rendering and then is view empty (grey/black) (!) The right side (enhanced footage) works without problems. But I can’t compare since yesterday the results.

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Correct, it does not work on any frame other than the very first one.

Update: the behavior of v3.3.5 is various belongs to the preview function.
I restarted 10 minutes ago my Windows 10 system again.
Now preview misses on left side the first frames, but after this breaks the preview is always shown in my selected 10 seconds preview function.
Perhaps it has something to do with e.g. temporary files “spread over the system”?

It all depends on the length of the video. I did some extensive testing. Even if you chose a frame in the middle of the video it will become available somewhere at70% of the rendering. Also depending on how much frames you choose to preview. Its a weird bug :wink:

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@ida.topazlabs. In 3.3.5 I still have the issue that the app covers my taskbar when in full screen. I have to “window it” then hit fullscreen again. But when I minimize or go to another program that is in full screen and back to TVEAI it covers my taskbar again…


Hitting “Stop Processing” should nicely close the mp4/vp9/mov file to let us view the generated video and not see that the file is corrupted and cannot be played. Please fix this.

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Can you post your logs here as well as a screen shot?

Does that not happen with other apps on your machine?

I have a question. I still find that after rendering videos that the temporary file is not deleted. I have tried closing all of the videos so that I’m back on the main menu but then go to Windows Explorer and can still see the temp file. If I try to delete it, it says that it is still open in Video AI and will keep saying that until I completely exit the program at which point I can then delete it like any other file. Is this a bug or am I missing something about how to properly “exit” videos? Thank you.

Hi Marc,

We’re currently looking into some situations where temporary files are not being released on Windows systems after the video has been closed in the app. I will update you when we’ve confirmed a fix in a future update.

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I had need to improve a public address video of a politician that someone recorded last month on what appears to be a basic, 20-year-old consumer cam with astonishingly bad quality. After experimenting with the new Iris model and its options, and after Iris correction some intensive color grading in DaVinci Resolve 18 Studio, the results speak for themselves. See the still.

With this footage, Iris did a massively better job than any of the other models, especially on the face and even though it’s small in the whole frame.

Understandably, Iris is quite processor intensive. Even on my new RTX4090/24Gb with i7/13000K and PCIe 4 bus, 64Gb 6GHz RAM and AIO liquid cooling, it processed at just 7 fps (45% CPU load, 100% GPU load). But look what it did. Just two years ago nobody would have said that was possible, and that someone had actually started with the final and damaged it to produce the “original”.


Nope. Only TVEAI. Oh and it sometimes pops to the corner and is 1/4 the screen when I previously minimized it.


Impressive indeed. And the final colorimetry is truly superb. I don’t think you could tell it was shot with a crappy camera in the first place from your screenshot. :open_mouth:


Thank you! I just added this back to our development cycle.

Could we have the option to have more than one enhancement AI model used (assuming that could improve quality).

eg. if we need to convert interlaced footage there’s only a few AI models that are shown. Couldn’t we select one that does the interlaced conversion (and maybe upscaling) well and then another enhancement AI model that might improve detail (such as Gaia)?

I’ve also had it not delete the temporary file after rendering.


I found another curious video, which I took from website, apparently it’s GIF animation converted to H.264 MP4 video file by the developer (probably), but with fluctuating/variable frame rate. The video shows 25fps, but the actual animation stutters a lot. I noticed that, currently, VEAI struggles a bit with this kind of video files when it comes to frame interpolation, so I uploaded it to Dropbox. :slight_smile:

A still from it (it’s a sweeping animation showing maps in the game):

I concur, it happens to me, too, I have to Restore/Maximize to get the taskbar back. I use two monitors though and VEAI is on the first one - maybe it’s because of that?


Nope. Tried with 1, 2 and 3 monitors…