Topaz Video AI v3.2.3

I know but I thought it would be more for how much I paid for this card.
Premiere and Neat video are blazing.

Law of diminishing returns may apply here. 4090 looks like it will produce 2 to 3 times faster results than my 3060 ti but some things (e.g. 2x Artemis) are only 1.6 times. Your 3070 may well produce a lower improvement than my 3060 ti as it’s a faster card.

The current cost of 4090 is 3.3 times the cost of 3070 here in the UK, and 4.2 times my 3060 ti. I can’t currently justify that. 4080 or 4070 ti would be more cost effective but their memory is too low, as I also use Stable Diffusion… NVIDIA need to vastly increase their GPU memory!

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I’m looking for a A4000 here in the UK.
Basically a 3070ti with 16gb :wink:

Sorry. I will show you my settings for Proteus when I do 1280x1024 first.
When I’m done with this pass of proteus, I do a 2nd pass with Artemis medium quality in 1440x1152.

Now here are the settings when I do a one pass scaling with Proteus directly in 1440x1152.
Hopefully this can help you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course :wink:. See my last post below.:smiley:

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There is no version of Proteus told in the application. The file name seems to tell Proteus V3? Is there the face improvement of the beta V4 included? :eyes:

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Same issue here on my Mac mini M2 pro, just not possible to load any video file, had to re-install older version again.

Same here

I changed my Proteus settings a bit because in episode 20 of DS9 season 1, there was a weird grid effect in some areas of the image. It was happening mainly when the “recover detail” setting was active. Strangely enough, if I set sharpen to 100% the weird effect on the image doesn’t appear anymore. Therefore, to have a sharp but not too sharp image, you can use this setting there.
See screenshot

Note also that I made a first pass without scaling with the “Artemis Anti-aliasing and moire” model in order to reduce a bit the noise and subtly increase the quality of the video.
Thus, the second final pass is from 720x576 to 1440x1152

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For the moment, with the current AI, it will be difficult to get a better result than this one I think.


On the close-up shots like this, it’s really great


models don’t work.
attached originals and files

Split view at any resolution is still broken, the pan and position no longer resets when the video loops but the position of the split does reset to center at each loop.

Preview mismatch happens for me all the time, every 3.x.x version so far.

Must be v3. Otherwise, it would surely say in the release notes if it was v4. I think it’s still only in beta.

I have a very noisy video 720p 23,97fps.
The task was to reduce noise as much as possible, but add sharpness and detail.
The mission is almost impossible! You can crush the image, but as soon as you want to make it more detailed, artifacts constantly appear…
But, I tested over 100 customization options and came to some conclusions!

  1. I never managed to get rid of distortion if I improved the video at the same time and upscaled to 1080. This means that you should improve the video in the same resolution as the original, because the upscale during processing multiplies the distortions that are in the original.
  2. Interpolation of frames to 60fps automatically, without unnecessary distortion, visually improves any video.
  3. In the settings Proteus, Reduce Noise and Revert Compression reduce noise and smooth video. And Recovers Details and Sharpen add sharpness, but at the same time, if there are many dates, they add distortions.
    By the way, Artemis Low Quality handles noisy video best, but makes it too synthetic, sometimes not live. And if after Proteus to make the second pass of Artemis, the smoothness of movement of 60fps is disturbed…
    Do anyone have any thoughts about what I wrote? Maybe advise something better for processing a very noisy video?

Unfortunately, the screen does not show how noisy the original is. In the freeze frame, 50% of the noise is not visible. In the photo, the noise just freezes and does not flicker, and in the video it flickers like colorful dirty snow.

The Topaz Labs developers are working on a new AI model that can handle denoising better. It’s currently not out yet, and probably won’t be out for a while longer as it’s still in the early stages of development. But once it’s released maybe it will help you.

Add a feature:

  1. NONE(default)
  2. automatic closing of the software after encoding
  3. automatic shutdown of the whole PC system after encoding

I just uploaded a file called C0109.MP4. I had to revert to v2.6.4 to do any enhancement processing on Video Enhance AI without freezing my iMac Pro. The only change from defaults were sharpening and detail enhancement both at 74 percent. The old version works fine but the latest release only outputs a few frames and then my entire system hangs. The first sign of trouble is that the mouse becomes unresponsive.

Here are my system specs:

Processor: 3.2 GHhz 8-core Intel Xeon W
Graphics: Radeon Pro Vegas 56 8 GB
Memory: 32 GB 2666 Mhz DDR4
OS: MacOS Ventura 13.3.1

Thank you.