Topaz Video AI v3.1.2

Can this be:

When exporting a 13 second video with 2-pass stabilisation Topaz Video AI v3.1.2 shows me remaining time approx 3h on an Intel Core i5 12400 with 6 Cores???

I enabkle Strengh=50
Rolling Shutter Correction=Yes
Reduce Jitter Motions=Yes

How can I speed up re-encoding?

What’s your GPU, and do you have TVAI set to use it?

I have no separate Graphic Card. I am using iGPU from inside CPU

I set as Encoder: “H264 High (INTEL)”

What are you suggesting?

If you use CPU, it is expected to be very very slow. If you want faster processing, you need a decent dedicated graphic card.

iGPU are extremely weak, they are designed for web browsing or watch Youtube, not for compute-intensive AI application.


I agree. Get a graphics card. If you’re on a laptop… well… TVAI might just be the stuff of dreams.
You don’t have to get one that’s expensive to see a great improvement in speed compared to what you are getting. I have a computer with a GTX 1060. It works fine. Upscaling a 20 minute show to 1080p using Proteus takes about an hour. (I have never tried the stabilization model, so I have no idea how long that would take.
For AMD, don’t get lower or older than RX 5600.
For Nvidia, not lower or older than GTX 1060. (RTX 2060 would be way better than any GTX card.)
I think the Intel Arc cards are pretty good for TVAI too.

Stabilization with “Reduce Jittery Motions” enable increase processing time significantly. I think better pick a 3060 ~ 4090 (depends on budget)

Also RTX 30 & 40 series GPU, will get real time 4k Video Super Resolution very soon, once Nvidia update the driver this month. (Google Chrome 110 is coming next week with RTX Video Super Resolution support )

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Yeah, I’ve noticed that.
And it is in the “Public” folder instead of the main user folder…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I like to keep the desktop clean to admire the wallpaper, so I’m just going to pin both Video and Photo AI in the “Start Menu” instead of the taskbar.
At least in the Start Menu, the shortcut doesn’t get inaccessible after the update.

The temporary solution that I found, is to pin in the “Start Menu” instead of the taskbar.
in the Start Menu, the shortcut doesn’t seem to become inaccessible after the update.

Honestly I feel quite unfair, I bought the license in 2021 Dec, but there was almost more than half year (Feb 2022 to Oct 2022) have no update in stable version, which is 2.6.x, then now you have a better performance version on 3.1.x but told me I can not update from 3.0.x version because I don’t have an active liencese any more.


New subversion, new headache.

Now tvai ffmpeg cannot pipe out as of
ffmpeg.exe … | x265.exe …

smth about wrong fps. thm-1 or apo-4 to blame?

I personally don’t see a difference in speed.
Mainly the settings I put in MSI after Burner.

  • Power limit “50%”
  • temp limit “67°”
  • Core clock “curve” = Auto OC
  • Memory clock 200
  • Fan speed auto.

But if I set Core clock and Memory clock to 0% and leave temp limit “67°” but set Power limit to 100%, I go to 0.12 seconds per frame. But I’m over the 50° limit of my GPU. And since I have set it to not exceed 50°, well it’s really making a lot of noise to stay between 53 and 55°. But I still prefer to be above 50° With my normal setting, I rarely go above 47°. I’m often between 45 and 46°. This way I preserve my card. And I have speeds of 0.14 seconds per frame in TVAI v3.x.x

So far the app is using less GPU and more CPU. There are people that have to run 1-3 parallel instances to get full GPU saturation. It has gotten MUCH better since 3.0.x where speeds were arund 0.5-1.0fps max, I now see up to 5fps depending on the video.

Try to REDUCE the GPU memory used to like 75-90% and see if that helps. I have mine set to 75% and it is way faster at that setting, I assume that allows for more overhead OS gpu usage so the rest can run uninterupted.

And to rub it in, they’ve just raised the renewal price by about $30.

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That shouldn’t happen. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: If my setup used pipes I’d be very unhappy about that.

You should be fine letting your GPU run at 80°. I can understand not wanting the noise from doing that, but for longevity of the card, it shouldn’t make an impact until you start going over ~80° regularly.

This version keeps crashing when an export is completed. Using M1 Mac Mini. Exporting to 264 or 265.

I revert back to the 3.1.2 version because the latest beta was too unstable. :eyes:

I’ve already said that I don’t see a difference in speed. I’m already fast enough anyway. I’m averaging 0.14 spf. on a 1440x1080 video to the same output resolution. That is 1440x1080 with the denoise sharpen filter from artemis. I couldn’t go any faster than that. unless I set the power limit slider to 100% on MSI After Burner to gain 0.02 spf. But in this case, the GPU temperature rises to more than 50° and the fans are running at full speed. I prefer not to burn my card and stay in the 45-46° range and have less noise from the fans.

That’s how I burned my previous card. I had left the basic MSI after Burner settings. And so I was always in the 70-75° range because I used VEAI 7 days a week. It lasted almost 3 years. So now, I manage to not exceed 50° on my new card to make it last longer. I hope to keep it for at least 5-6 years or more.

By the way, my previous card was an MSI aéro RTX 2080. My new one is a MSI Ventus RTX 3070.

My W6800 never runs below 80°C while compute, goes up to 109°C on its hotspot.

But its made for this.