Topaz Video AI v3.1.0

In the latest version, when using x264 x265 encoding, turn on the particle switch, the processed video image particles are few and uneven, particles are not well preserved, and the effect is not as good as that of the prores encoding particles. I hope x264 x265 can increase the parameters to retain the particle effect

1920 x 1080 30sec clip downscale to 960 x 540 6.8fps

Time - 01:12

Ive done more testing the model doing this consistently is the themis deblur model. It turns the scene greenish. Please test it yourself and wipe back and forth on the preview panel to see this change. It’s happening on every video i test so far.

Something is really wrong on my end. I am trying to downscale a 30 clip (same downscaling that you did) and TVIA is telling me it will take 1 hour and 3 minutes; 2fps. Can I ask you what parameters you used? The video type is progressive and TVAI automatically selected the Proteus Fine-Tune AI model. The encoder is H264 high (NVIDIA); bitrate 180.


How did you got back to 3.0.7? I just see the possibility to download 2.6.4 and when I click it I got blocked by my Antivirus program saying URL Blacklisted :frowning: And still no answer from the Support. They wrote they usually reply in 8 hours, but it looks they are really busy and tomorrow they have some company meeting so I don’t expect an answer until Monday at the earliest.

Product Releases - Topaz Discussion Forum (Release for all products)
Topaz Video AI v3.0.7 (Video AI 3.0.7 Specifically)

You will need to click the version you desire and download it from the release post.


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Ok I’m going to make a probably unpopular statement. I’ve used this idea since buying my first piece of software in 1979. Yep Apple 2 and CP/M days. Never buy software or for that matter hardware on what you think it might become. Only buy it because it answers a problem you have at that exact moment. I purchased Topaz Video Enhance AI at version 1.1 or 1.2. At the time I only had a GTX 1050Ti. VEAI crashed and had all types of bad performance but it was still better then anything else for the videos I had.

I upgraded 2 or 3 months after my license expired. I was using the alpha versions of very early 3.x.x.x with a watermark to judge when the software meet my new needs. That happened somewhere around Alpha A. That was when Auto was working good enough that I could use it for my videos. That was my threshold for purchase. If it never progressed any further I was fine because I can’t justify paying money on speculation. I’ve seen too many companies fold over the years or completely change directions like writing an OS to becoming a financial consulting company. Or worse where the one person company which writes some great piece of code and the person dies. These examples are pieces of software that all cost more than Topaz Video AI back when salaries were a lot less.

I’m not saying you have to be happy with the state of the software but you do have to ask why did you buy TVAI when you did and can you still run that version of software you bought.

I hope you who are not happy never have to buy a piece of software that comes on one 1.44Mb floppy disk and cost $25000. That will really make your heart race for a while. I still have the floppy. It’s framed.


I can confirm your personal experiences on my Intel machine too. :slight_smile:

I ve put it on my google drive temporary. Hope that helps:

:astonished: wowzers, what was the software?

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Back in the late 90’s I had a job to build some antennas for a weather satellite. It was a single program to model the antenna all written in Fortran and then compiled into a single exe file. It took 9 month to verify the code.

Engineering software is super expensive and it nothing to pay $2000 for nice packages and then the next year pay $2000 again to upgrade to the latest. Even Adobe back then was anywhere from $600 to $900 per computer license for Photoshop and the updates cost a minor fortune.


thanks, I’ve already downloaded it as @redmandalton suggested.

I figured out why Topaz Video AI version 3, wasn’t version 1. It didn’t make any sense that a completely new piece of software, written from the ground up, wasn’t assigned version 1, until you think about the user licensing. It would have messed it all up, big time. Topaz Video AI is not the same as Topaz Video Enhance AI. They should have been honest by declaring the end of life for Topaz Video Enhance AI and commenced with version 1 for Topaz Video AI, by offering a special pricing concession for current users.


Having a one-year license does NOT mean that the application will stop running after the end date.

It only means that you will not continue to get upgrades if one occurs after the licensed year. To continue getting upgrades, I.E., VEAI 2.x to TVAI 3.x.

These days a lot of software vendors are using a sort of “stick and carrot” method to get their customers’ $$$ flowing in. That is the “subscription.” They usually allow you to “subscribe” for a year. They promise you the sun, moon and stars at a “bargain” price. But with the subscription plan, at the end of the subscription, everything stops. - Not so with the Licensed version.


exact same as you

From what I’m seeing, nothing renders faster than 0.2fps on the new release. I reverted back to 3.0.12 and rendered a 10-second clip; it’s processing at 0.8fps. Not a barn-burner but it’s 4 times faster. I’m opening a support ticket to see if the techs can help me. My GPU is nothing special (Nvidia GTX 1650) but I wouldn’t expect performance to be 1/4th what it was under the previous release.

After over a day using the updated version, I’m pleased by the improvements in speed. As noted by others, v. 3.1 makes greater utilization of my workstation’s CPU/GPU. When running more than one process at a time, the software seems to prioritize the shortest clip first, and my station is pretty much maxed out running the program.

One caution, my settings from v. 3.0 for the AI parameters are now all too strong; at least for the Proteus model.

I would like to mention that in Germany these “licenses” are handled different. In Germany even the highest court often explained that for most users the software has the same sort of value than a physical thing, and in fact of this they said that we do not only buy a copy with some rights of usage. in that example they said: “you buy ‘Microsoft Word’”. and with the buy all rights of usage at this single piece of product is being handed over to the new owner who is of course also legitimated to sell his software someday.

From my testing Chronos Fast is 4x slower on GTX cards on this release than 3.0.12. Are you using Chronos Fast by chance?

FWIW, I am currently getting 7.6fps with my RTX 3060 (12GB) in v.3.1. Hopefully, support will come through for you.