Topaz Video AI v3.0.9

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Topaz 3.0.9 Clean install will not license - stuck at open browser.

I think Greg Maddra saying to delete the auth.tpz file is a bit of a Band-Aid to address the problem of programming issues/changes in Registry introduced in 3.0.7

The below is also a bit of a Band-Aid until Topaz AI probably fixes the auths in registry.

Here’s what I figured out to do.

When you install 3.0.9 Topaz it installs with the “Run as Administrator” greyed out. You can’t alter it.

After installing 3.0.9. Topaz I then deleted it’s Icon that it automatically created and made a new shortcut to:

C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\Topaz Video AI.exe

Then I went into advanced properties and checked “Run as Administrator”.

This will allow the program to write to the places it needs to.

This to me indicates that something is not setup properly by Topaz AI in the registry to give administrator rights to a specific process/path that needs it.

Probably a change in 3.0.7 or something overlooked that was in previous versions in the registry.

You could probably also logon as administrator on you P.C. if you have this problem, but you shouldn’t have to.

This just started happening with 3.0.7 - Programmers may need to look at registry programming changes and rights.



Yeah, not a huge fan of running as administrator. If, at some point, an installer set admin privileges on folder, just unstall the program, manually delete its folders, empty the registry entries (if applicable), and run install again, as non-admin.

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Installation of 3.0.9 updare without any problem, processing performs as usual, no improvement in “monster face refinement”.

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i’m curious and try to understand… why would you think that an improvement in “face refinement” could/would happen in this version especially after a roadmap update post ? (just trying to understand, nothing more).

Please stop with the incessant face refinement requests. There are many other things deserving of a higher priority, such as:

  • performance improvements
  • frame counting in the UI
  • model manager
  • improvements to existing models
  • just to name a few

And as I recall, one of the source clips you provided to complain about face refinement was such low resolution, that no model would fix it. Garbage source in = garbage result output.

And while on the topic of face refinement, if you expecting AI to modify the picture so much, basically ‘creating a face’ where there previously was none, you are no longer watching the original video. So to me the entire concept is pointless.


Priorities are in the eye of the beholder. See, to me, ‘frame counting in the UI’ has almost zero priority. :slight_smile: Personally, I’ve had many video jobs fail because TVAI mangled a face. That’s usually almost a full render day wasted.

It’s Video Enhance A.I (the name change despite). The purpose of VEAI/TVAI is to improve your video; subsidiarily, at least not to deteriorate it. And borked faces definitely fall into the ‘making it worse’ category.


Then you are in the minority. Anyone who does serious video editing uses frame numbering.

That’s not a ‘failed job’ that just your expectations not matching the purpose of the software. And in my opinion, making up ‘fake’ faces for low res video is not the purpose of the software.

Which goes back to my point about improving the performance.

And anyone who does serious video editing uses a working Preview. Without the latter, I don’t care where my frame counter is at.

And yet, that’s precisely what TVAI attempts to do, regardless. Maybe it shouldn’t. But when it tries so anyway, would be nice if it got it right.

Way I see it, performance always comes second: first you straighten out your code, then you try and optimize for speed.


I was hoping that this patch would fix my issue, but it doesn’t.
Every time I try to run TVAI with either Gaia or Artemis, to increase the resolution of an 8 second clip to 150%, and the processing reaches a certain percent (14% for Gaia, 51% for Artemis) my whole computer freezes and the only way to “fix” that is by forcefully shutting it down.
Once the computer starts back up, I’m left with a 0 byte output with the following naming scheme: [OriginalFileName]_[RandomNumbers].mp4
Output Settings:
Encoder H264 Nvidia
Container MP4
Bitrate Auto
Audio settings Auto

AMD Ryzen 9 5900x
128 GB RAM
Windows 11
I did not use to have these issues on version 2 of TVAI.

It is just a feedback what I see, nothing else, no need to get out of breath :shushing_face:


My main problem is the instability from microversion to microversion.
I need to process many episodes of an old TV series.
I spend a lot of time selecting parameters, and on the next microversion everything goes to hell.
Unlike versions 2.-2.6, which only improved the picture, in version 3 (so far?) it’s unknown if the “upgrade” will kill my hard work.

I’m very well aware that face refinement in Video is not easy to fix.
However at least an intelligent system should recognize its limits to recreate small face details which were lost in compression of the source.
TVAi is acceptable in refinement of small geometrical details, but treats small face details obviously the same way, what creates ugly lines and circles.
TVAI should just stop AI refinement when detecting any subject too small to apply AI , and instead use bicubic interpolation on that details.


Hi Joachim - I agree wholeheartedly. Your last sentence spot on and I really hope Topaz will implement that. So many scenes are being spoilt at the moment because of AI “refinement” of small faces.

Perhaps you could add that as a feature request - it would certainly get my vote and many more I expect.




Same here.

Not a huge fan of running as Admin.

I have to do this on another software package that the programmers did similar on and left things in registry and don’t delete paths/files completely after doing an uninstall in Windows via Add/remove programs with delete settings/configurations.

When we authorize and install software don’t we pretty much give the program the ability to put items in the registry and set the paths/processes and authorizations to “administrator” rights for them if they have it in their programming? :upside_down_face:

The alternative is uninstalling, then looking at registry to see remaining items/running registry cleaner, seeing if existing directories/files are still leftover & deleting them, then seeing if 3.0.7 installs with paths/directories that need authorization to re-write in and/or deleting a file that allows it to be re-written.

I trust Topaz AI knows enough about what is going on to fix the issue In Toto in a near future release so an uninstall of a version via Windows Add/remove with deleting configurations/settings will clean/delete all needed registry entries, directories allowing an install of a new version to be cleanly installed without having write-protect and user software verification issues.

Was mainly pointing out that this is something the software did between versions and they need to undo/fix whatever they did from 3.0.7 onward that causes this access issue that interferes with user activation and writing to directories that they defined and set authorizations for.


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I’m not sure when it was introduced or if it ever worked properly but a hard cut in a test video is now a 1 frame fade on a video I wanted to convert from 24FPS to 25FPS. I can’t supply a sample because its a film trailer but there should be some scene detection to make sure cuts remain as cuts. A 1 frame blend/fade would never be my choice.

I’ll easily be able to convert to 25 fps with some frame repeating, and I understand how a cut can land “in between” frames when you are working between two different framerates but a blend is not appropriate compared to a slightly earlier or later cut to match the framerate.

The good side is that the output FPS is a solid 25.000 instead of the sometimes 25.001 or something as it could be before so this is a step forward.

v3.0.9 I am always happy to test a new version, but v3.x.x is still so far away from my well known 2.x.x workflow that I am totally stuck with my work not having processed a single video file for months beside all sorts of testings. :eyes:


I still can’t open AviSynth video scripts in 3.0.X. I can’t move on from 2.6.4 without this ability. Please restore this functionality.


I recently asked for VapourSynth support even, but got it handed to me that they’re no longer even supporting AviSynth. Something to do with the GPL license requiring them to have to publish their source code. I get that for ffmpeg, but still don’t quite follow how that restriction includes AviSynth (or why support for the latter was allowed in 2.6.4). At any rate, it’s gone.