Topaz Video AI v3.0.12

I think this would be a great fit for r/softwaregore.

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I wish this software could detect duplicate frames and remove them automatically.


Looks like source is a mix of progressive and interlaced scenes.

Still seeing a pink screen when trying to stabilize using the rolling shutter and stable options.

Also, thanks for the rapid update cycle.

I’m considering the 7900XTX as an upgrade… how is it for TVAI speeds?

If you’re feeling super adventurous: The second answer explains how to filter out duplicate frames with ffmpeg. You could finagle the generated ffmpeg command from TVAI to use it.

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i confirm ! a friend of mine who is a dev wrote for me a small script in python to erase all duplicate frames of videos in batch, and he use ffmpeg for that.
here is the ffmpeg line i see in his script , don’t know if i’m allowed to share his script.

pattern = input("enter pattern to generate command {f}=filename (without extension), {e}=extension (prefixed with dot): ").strip()

pattern = “ffmpeg -i "{f}{e}" -vf mpdecimate -vsync vfr "{f}_RF{e}"”

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Hi guys!

I am trying to upscale a video from Full HD to 4K!
At the same time I am doing a frame interpolation from 23.97 to 24 frames! Unfortunately, dark spots appear in the finished video in some places! See photo below!
Do you know this problem?

Still not fixed…


I’ve had two crashes with this today. Uploading all details to Dropbox.

Bug report on Topaz Video AI v3.0.12
Crashes immediately on opening Fujifilm X-H2S HEVC 6240x4160 files.

The folder did not exist.

So I created it by hand and the new error message is “An error occurred while attempting to create the directory:”

The strange thing is, that I tried to install it on another drive but it still tries to access “c:.…”.

I’ll contact your support now…

Its using 70%+ GPU and 30% CPU on my rig now. Much much better! FPS has gone up too!

Keep going, use that power!

Previous was like 26% average GPU load and now its 70%. This is on a AMD 6700XT.

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I’m not seeing any significant improvements on encoding performance on a well spec’d Mac Studio M1 since v3 was first released, maybe a few minutes at best from the earlier releases until now for an encode of a 576i AVI I’m upscaling to 4K 50fps (approx 4.5 hours or 7.5 hours depending on if I use Chronos or Apollo frame interpretation to convert a 14 minute clip). I have everything set correctly each time I update to a new beta and test the exact same encodes with the same profiles.

Also it would be nice to be able to export files and preserve the existing filename without anything being appended to them, but despite requesting this previously it never seems to make the cut for any updates, I would have thought that could be optional in the output settings?

Thanks for your Feedback!

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After install, you have to change the paths under File → Preferences → Directories.
If that doesn’t work, it sound like a lack of admin rights to the output folder or Windows default security settings for important folders like Program Files.

What GPU driver version are you using? I have a RX 6600 and I’m not seeing any real increase but I haven’t updated the GPU driver for a while.

Still having the same lockup issues. Woke up to it hung at 16%, upscaling a smalle video to HD using default settinsg (Proteus). Windows 11 Alienware, GTX 30660.


Sadly I can not install Video AI in the first place. I also think it is an admin rights problem, but as said, I’ve installed several products of Topaz flawlessly before. Also installing Video Enhance 2.6 worked smoothly.

I’m have full Ownership including advanced permissions on the folder, so I do not know what could be missing…

My guess is, that the installer wants to access another folder than the one it shows in the error message…

Removing dups can be hard, REALLY hard unless the dups are spaced out nice and evenly. Dropped frames too, both these issues crop up randomly with some of my old videos, also streamed video recordings and some frame rate conversions too.

As already mentioned it’s discussed in that thread linked but there’s some very useful discussion about those kind of problems here:

The thread includes scripts the contributors developed to address exactly those problems, and by the end, we seem to have an workable script to run using avisynth/virtualdub and so-on. I remember John Meyer for example getting involved in this kind of stuff over a decade ago and he’s involved there too.

I intend to try the script(s) myself when time permits but if they can help others, great. And yes, if Topaz could incorporate such a “repair” script into TVAI, it would be utterly brilliant because one of TVAI’s strengths is generating missing or extra frames.