So = I am upgrading from MBpro 16" M1 >>> to MBpro 16" M3 … using Topaz Video AI a lot … Any thoughts on whether to go for the M3 pro - 0R - M3 max ??? tTHANKS FOR ANY HELP ???

Don’t expect anything spectacular with that upgrade .

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But are you really saying that going from:

a MacBook pro M1 >> to >> a macbook pro MAX M3
= will do nothing for processing speed ???



Checks the benchmarks thread for M1 and M3 pro and max results.

There’ll be very little difference going from a M1 Pro to a M3 Pro.
Going to the Max variant will provide some speed boost but less than one would expect from the sheer amount of GPU cores.
I read someone going from M1 non-Pro to a M2 Max getting an increase from 8 to 13 fps. But this was some time ago, so nowadays this might be different.

Here I have speeds in the benchmark (Artemis 1920x1080 2x upscale, TVAI 4.0.1):
M1 Pro with 16 GPU cores: 3.73 fps
M2 Ultra with 60 GPU cores: 8,27 fps

So 2.2x the speed in spite of having 3.75x more GPU cores. I believe that the jump from Pro to Max is bigger than from Max to Ultra, though. Also, do have a look at the benchmarks threads.

And if you’re not tied to the Mac OS and/or a notebook a PC with RTX 4070 should be an option (faster for less money).

P.S.: Since this is not an idea / feature suggestion I moved this to general discussion…

I read that Apple hobbled the M3 Pro this time around to create a bigger difference between the pro and max performance wise. On Geekbench multicore test the M3 max gets very close to the M2 Mac Studio Ultra in performance.

Yeah with a difference of 16 to 24 cores but a higher clock frequency this doesn’t come as a big surprise.
Just that this Geekbench test doesn’t test GPU - and especially doesn’t tell about performance in TVAI at all (which doesn’t really seem to scale well with high GPU core counts).

But yes, the Max seems a bit the sweet spot for TVAI as here it is faster than the vanilla or Pro but only little slower than the much more expensive Ultra variant. This already was true for M1 and M2.

As long as you’re tied to MacOS… If you’re free in choice and want a rig specifically for TVAI there’s no real alternative to a Nvidia based gfx card from a cost/performance standpoint.

…. all help appreciated

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I have an M2 Max MBP and the performance out of TVAI is very underwhelming. That’s why all of my TVAI work goes through my desktop computer (which has a 5950X and 3080 RTX).