Topaz Video AI multiple batch?

I shoot a lot of video and need to stabilize a lot of my footage. Its annoying to have to individually go to each clip set the setting I want then hit export for every single one. I wish you could hit export and it would export every clip you have in your timeline.


Firstly, if you shoot video, then it’s probably full of holes, especially when you use film for footage. But if you simply recorded ‘digital video’ as we all do, the solution is simple. In the bottom left corner, select your first video, you will see it has an outline, simply hold the control (ctrl) key and left click each video you want to process. then set your settings and click export.

You can also use the shift key if selecting many files at once to render. Select the first video with a left mouse click, then hold the ‘shift’ key, now left click the very last video in the list. They all will become highlighted and ready to process/export.

After doing that [SHIFT] key trick, when I go to export, every video is named the same as the first one. It’s like only the first video is ever getting set.

I have mine set as “Export As” though. Not sure if that breaks it.

I also tried [CTRL][A] but wind up with the same issue.

Did you find any solution? My batch process show the correct quantity of videos to export but process just the first one.

Maybe save your settings to a preset!