Topaz Video AI Expert needed for hire

I’m in need of a Topaz Video AI expert to focus some clips for hire. I’m willing to send the clips in need of focusing for an hourly rate. I’m kinda of done trying to figure this out on my own.
Please respond to with your information. Thank you.

Is this request about thousands of videos with adult content? I don’t think that this sort of request fits well in the Showoff Spot.

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Why would you even take the time to reply with that kind of response?
I’m just a filmmaker looking for someone that has enough experience to assist me with some out of focus clips. SMH

I became a bit more careful and hesistant after the first experience with a request like this. Please tell more about what to do for you, maybe we can help out a bit. :slight_smile:

I have tried to learn the Topaz AI / Photo AI and just can’t seem to figure the program out. I’m on a tight deadline for a project and I have some clips in need of a little focusing. I’m willing to send you on of the clips to see if you can help sharpen it up a bit?

Should all look good, we can work out how to pay you per clip?

Let me know.

Thank you,


I sent you an e-mail some hours ago. I will do my best to improve your material. :slight_smile:

I found someone on this link that will assist me.

I am sad to realize that those who request help often do not respect the time and will others are willing to invest in their request and that they do not care about who will offer help first. Sometimes they say it is time critical where help is needed soon. I reply immediately and then wait the whole day for a response that says: “thanks but I don’t need you anymore.” Maybe I shouldn’t offer help instantly anymore. I mean - it is not that I haven’t better things to do. :eyes:

Based on this response, it’s evident you have very little experience in what takes place in the motion picture business. As you may very well know, you may have been the first to respond. However, others sent multiple versions of the focus strength tests which allowed me to choice which ones I preferred. You should try this next time you get a request for hire. I have worked with Topaz enough to understand that it really doesn’t take that long to render an enhancement setting. I just had troubles with the new Photo AI upgrade where it wasn’t being activated properly. This is the reason I reached out to the Topaz community in the first place.
To point out again, it’s not how soon you respond to a request, it’s how you offer your services.

Sorry, but you offered no material to enable me to find suitable settings. It always strongly depends on the individual source material which settings fit best. Especially regarding Video AI you need a lot of experience to set it up right for the individual source.