Topaz Video AI 3.0.0

The new version of Video AI 3.0.0 does not do trimming well. Gone are the frame by frame advance buttons to get to the precise frame. Also there are no instructions how to do it in your tutorials online. Could you please get information posted on how to do this effectively?
I have tried on various occasions to just process part of the video but was not successful in getting an exact trim. In addition, the Video AI model does not either render the trimmed portion completely at times. The comparison windows on various models (3 at a time) in the former Video Enhance versions did a better job of letting the user select which model to use best. Thanks.



I use the arrow keys to move the trim markers frame by frame. One problem I’ve noticed is that if I trim the first 5 minutes of video, it will render the first 5 minutes but the time still shows the full length of the video.