Topaz VEAI freezes for a few seconds after opening it

This has been happening to me for more than half a year now, I’m fed up and that’s why I’m making this thread, does it happen to anyone else?

PS: No matter the status of the program, if it is a new installation, there are still freezes. I have reinstalled Windows 10 about 4 times this year and as soon as I installed the program I had these freezes at the beginning.

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Yep that’s normal. It freezes while it initializes. I imagine that’s because it’s waiting for an internet response for logging in.
Usually I can get in, open the browse window, then I have to wait for it to unfreeze to actually select a file to open.

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This is not normal, I have other Topaz programmes and this does not happen.

Yeah it calls home when you open it. It didn’t always i think it started around 2.6.3