Topaz VEAI 4k ProRes22 Export >> Imports as Audio Only in Premiere

I’m on a Mac. When I export out of Topaz Video Enhance AI as 4K ProRes 422 HQ video, it opens in both the Quicktime Player and VLC, but when I import into Premiere Pro CC it’s audio only. Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m on windows and I’ve had this issue a few times. I think it’s not properly closing the file. If you open it in avidemux, change the output format from MKV to MOV then save it that will rewrite the file properly. Make sure video output and audio output is set to “copy” so it doesn’t recompress.


Thank you! Simply opening the file in Avidemux for OSX and saving it without transcoding smoothed out the wrinkle and it now opens properly in Adobe Premiere.

VEAI only outputs unusable ProRes movies for me in the last 2 versions. Avidmux will not fix them. I always get an error that says video is too short / incomplete. “May happen as a result of invalid timestamps in the video”.

It only works if I have a very short video, but seems to break after a 3 minute video.

Mac OS 11.5.2, TVEAI 2.3 & 2.4.

I also have the same phenomenon.
MOV output with ProRess422 is not recognized by Adobe Premiere.

This is still an issue as of version 2.4. ProRes 422 MOV files from VEAI cannot be imported into Premiere or Media Encoder. I switched to using image sequence outputs so haven’t tried it with v2.6.

had the same issue where I couldn’t import the file into Premiere. I was able to open the file in the Avidemux program and re-save it with the output format set to MOV Muxer, and after that I was able to open the file in Premiere.

This is still an issue (Win10). I had to use Avidemux to remux/save the file, otherwise it will import in Premiere Pro as audio only. This is using the latest build 2.6.4 and beta version 3.0.0-1. If I stop the export from Video Enhance AI part of the way through, it appears to work. The file may not be saving correctly on longer videos as already mentioned.