Topaz VEAI 2.1.1 image sequence FPS

There are several problems when you import an image sequence.

  1. Topaz automatically sets the FPS at 30 fps. You can choose the FPs at the import stage.

  2. Once the clip is imported into Topaz VEAI 2.1.1, changing the FPS will not replicate on the output settings. I tried to generate a clip and I cannot change the FPS. The output file stays at 30 fps.


Single you have a set of progressive images wouldn’t it be better to use 30fps or 24fps? I don’t know if you are intending this for ATSC broadcast or maybe blu-ray but if it’s not either of those isn’t 29.97 going to cause interpolation or duplication of frames?

I agree 29.97 is not an integer. You are very correct. However, it does not cause any problem during the export to image sequence and during the recompilation to a video.

Thanks for the report Bertrand! FPS for video and image sequences is a definite problem area in the application that we plan on fixing in the May / June releases. I’ll keep this in mind for when we dive in, thanks!

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