Topaz Technical Support

Any assistance out there? Is there an issue with the Topaz Technical Support team?

After their initial “reinstall Topaz” solution did not work 4 days ago, I’ve had no response to multiple requests to try and get my Topaz software operational - Id #178841

We have no access to the help support system as we are all users here. Please explain the issue you are experiencing and don’t leave out any details.

As well include the environment you are running the “application” in and include all relevant details including the application name, operating system, RAM, GPU and driver version etc., etc. Information such as standalone, calling from external application and what the actual issue is.

Ai Don… thanks and help. I too have a problem (1) with TS2 being used as a plug in - in my PSE 19. In reading another thread or post it said to uninstall TS2. That didn’t help and I got the error box message- Launch plugin failure. ok… when I hit ok… I get the crash report for pse. - - -On another post for a problem with restyle (I love restyle) and you showed topaz restyle in - program files 86 path. your suggestion worked for that uses and my question (problem 2) is should all Topaz programs be in C: program files 86 or in c: program file. ? I have some in both areas. and maybe that’s why it’s not showing or crashing? Problem (3) I deleted TS because when I looked at the program files 86 there were 2 of them but now that doesn’t work and I don’t care if I don’t need it for the others TL plug ins to work. And thats when I found out I had some in the program file as well as the program files 86. – thanking you in advance for you help.

The older plugins are in :\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs and the newer ones in the :\Program Files\Topaz Labs folders.

Now you shouldn’t really move anything around as it is quite complicated and, if you have, just download them and reinstall.

Help on the launch plugin failure error is here:

On the question of PSE, you will need to raise a support request asking if Studio 2 will run as a plugin and specify the version of PSE.

Thank you so very much for your reply and expertise. Will do and thanks again.