Topaz Studo 2 - how to handle these crazy sliders?

I am a new to Studio but have been using Texture Effects for quite a while.

One thing that I find really confusing and sometimes even annoying is the handling of sliders.

  • When I grab a slider for the first time and drag it back and forth, the value is constantly updated. Ok - this is expected behaviour.

  • If I release the slider, later come back and again and start dragging it back and forth, the image effect is updated but the slider value remains unchanged at the value it had when I started dragging. Why is the value not updated anymore? This happens only if I click on another slider.

  • In some instances (I have encountered this situation several times) the slider and value cannot be modified anymore, it just jumps back to “0” as soon as you leave. You need to remove the filter, add it again and start from scratch.

Is that a bug, or what is the trick to handle sliders in Studio?


4 months later - new versions of Studio 2, still the same issue, and not even a single response to my post. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed.