Topaz Studio's image display is blurry compared to Lightroom?

Hi folks,

When I open an image in Topaz Studio, the image looks quite “low res” / blurry as compared to the same image opened in Lightroom. The file is a Sony ARW…it doesn’t seem to matter if I click on “HD” or “Original” in Topaz Studio (in fact, there is no change at all, isn’t there supposed to be?). Also, in TS preferences, I have “high quality” in “image preview quality” selected.

I thought maybe Lightroom’s default sharpening of 40 (when importing RAW files) might have something to do with it, so I dragged the slider to zero, but, there’s still a huge resolution difference between TS and LR.

Please see attached images, which are screen grabs of about 100% zoom. You might notice that the LR screen grab shows a DNG file (I have LR set to convert all RAW formats to DNG on import), but when I used the ARW file, the blurry/sharp results were exactly the same.

It’s very hard to judge the effects of Clarity AI, etc, when the preview in TS looks so downgraded.

Lightroom and Photoshop apply corrections to the RAW file while Topaz Studio doesn’t. The simple thing is to make a preset with a correction such as the one I did below. I only guessed at the settings shown since I didn’t take the original picture and I had to use your Jpg original. Just make a preset and then apply it when importing your RAW file.

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I have the same problem with Studio and the problem has nothing to do with Lightroom. I checked the raw image in Faststone and the saved image from Studio in Faststone and there is a significant loss of detail.