Topaz Studion 2- Impression - how to create paint texture?

I’ve been exploring the Impression filter in Topaz Studio 2 and I’m struggling to create an effect that I see in images that have been created with Topaz Impression. I’ve even seen a Topaz Impression demonstration video with it.

What I want to do is see texture in the paint - like ridges so that the lighting direction affects it. How do I do this?

I’ve played with brush type, brush size, paint volume, paint opacity, etc. But it still looks flat - there’s no 3d-element or depth to it. And yet, I see that effect when I look at images others are creating with Topaz Impression.

Is it that this effect was created before Topaz Studio 2? Any assistance, guidance, steer would be greatly appreciated.


Jules, have you played with the default Impression Looks? For example try Monet, then after you “Apply” play with the sliders. Here is a screenshot that might help you find Monet.

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Hi Linda,

Many thanks for this. I’ve done as you’ve suggested. But there’s still no thickness to the paint.

Was this a feature in Topaz Impression before it was merged into Topaz Studio 2?

I can generate this effect with Snap Art. But I’ve seen this in images created with Topaz Impression. I just can’t see how to do it in Topaz Studio 2.

Thanks again for your assitance.


Jules, You probably saw an Impression painting with a texture applied. Another way is to do an Impression painting and then duplicate it and apply emboss then blend that layer using vivid light mode.

Here are three versions.
Impression only:

Impression with texture (in impression):

Impression with embossing in Affinity Photo:


Hi Artisan-West,

Thanks for this. That’s quite helpful. And I appreciate the tips.

But I still cannot help but feel that you could do this in Topaz Impression V 1 but can’t in Topaz Studio 2.

You can see what I’m trying to recreate in a YouTube video by Topaz Labs at 33:00 minutes in when the presenter is showing the strokes: Introduction to Topaz Impression - YouTube

Thanks again.


If you have paid for the original Impression, you can still download it here then try to produce what you want or see if it is any different. Topaz Labs

Thanks for this. Really appreciate it. I’m just a Topaz Studio 2 client - so that’s probably not an option. I think I’m just going to try using textures to achieve the look I’m after. But thank you again.


I just looked at the Impression Filter in Studio 2 and it’s set up and works just like what’s shown in the tutorial video.

Thanks for this. You’re right. I was just struggling to duplicate what she describes as the paint texture/thickness when referring to the lighting.

But that’s fine - because I’ve been playing with the texture setting and then the texture filter - and I’m now happier with what I can achieve.

Thanks again for your help.


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