Topaz Studio

I have just updated to the latest version of Topaz Studio.
I normally open the CR.2 file in Camera Raw and make one or two adjustments
and then open up Studio to use AI Clear but when i try to open the image in Photoshop
it says Could not complete the Topaz Studio command because the file was not found.

I have never experienced this before updating to the latest version of studio

Any help will be gratefully received


Hi could you post a screenshot of the message you get?

Are you saying that when you choose Topaz Studio from the Filters Menu PS cannot find it?

Are you selecting a layer before calling Studio?

Also please state your PC and OS.

When i have the image open in PS i click on the filters menu then navigate to Studio at the bottom
then click on that and then i get the message

I have taken a screenshot

Make sure that the image is opened in Camera RAW first and you are not cropping the image as that is what it looks like you are doing. There is no layer showing on the right hand panel.

You need to open the image, select a layer and then Filter-> Topaz Labs-> Topaz Sharpen AI.

That is what i am doing
Firstly i open in Camera Raw and make a couple of adjustments and then open the image in PS
i then navigate to Filter-topaz labs-Studio-which is at the bottom of my filters list and when i try to
open it i get the message on the screen
I am trying to use AI Clear in studio as i have the pro version which is not standalone.

I downloaded the trial of AI sharpen yesterday but not really used that. At the moment want to use
the AI clear.
I have included another screenshot

In this screenshot you are still showing that the crop is active, try exiting the crop as you also have no ratio set so there will be no pixels.

Click on the Hand tool before duplicating the base layer, highlight the duplicated layer and select Sharpen AI from the Filter menu.

Please accept my apologies as i have just realised what i have done wrong.
I deselected the crop and all working fine now
A very senior moment on my behalf.

Regards Adrian


No problem, that is why sometimes we need a screenshot :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help.

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