Topaz Studio

The latest release has some interesting minor tweaks but the major issues are still unresolved.

Textures: No transparency for png files

Tiff files out of TS are not supported by Photoshop Lightroom

Basic Adjustments: Shadow adjustment affects the whole image equally and not just the shadow areas

I expect there are more but for me these are the major issues and the ones that are preventing me from using TS as a major part of my workflow.


For me the major cause of not being able to use TS as often as I would wish is the inability to resize the side panels. And now with the new version of Windows 10 the matter has deteriorated as there is less manouevrability in the new W10 in getting a workable interface than previously. Just ordinary guys here with ordinary needs - not perfect eyesight now in older age nd a need to have larger text on my display. By no means blind or even partially sighted just need larger than tiny text.

I must check out that Basic Adjustment Ray as far as shadows are concerned, to see if it also effects me. Your other two ‘unresolveds’ do not effect me as I rarely use PNG and do all my main work in PS which seems to work OK - but I am using TS so rarely that I may be mistaken.:confounded:


I agree


Been away from the forum for a couple of days, just found this post.

I knew something was off, but didn’t really think it through. I should have figured this out, so thanks.

And I just checked one of my favorite filters, Precision Contrast, and it has the same problem. The Shadow control seems to affect shadows the most, but there is definite adjustment to the mid-tones, and slight-but-noticeable adjustment to the highlights. And similar problems with the Highlight slider.

I like the contrast sliders, but wasn’t using the shadow & highlight adjusters as I didn’t like the results. Now I know why.

I’m using Studio as a plug-in with Affinity Photo/Windows, using Precision Contrast and HSL Color Tuning, instead of Topaz Clarity.

Has this been submitted as a support “Request”?

The only way is to submit it as a technical support request yourself, it’s easy straight from the link on the page header.

Thanks, I have a couple of pending support requests, so am familiar with the process. I was asking so that I wouldn’t be submitting something already pending.

I’ll go ahead and submit one, as I recall from some time ago Topaz Support will let me know it’s already in the pipeline.

Is there a page where all pending requests are listed?

No there isn’t as far as I know but, typically, technical support requests refer to specific ‘bugs’ or technical issues and I don’t know of any companies that list specifics like that and I think that is really because of the difference in individuals descriptions.

Sorry for the slow reply.

I’m not sure how effective it is, but Affinity Photo has a “Bugs” forum, with a “Resolved” sub-forum. And in years past, I’ve participated as a beta tester and there would often be a list of pending bug reports.

I know the Topaz folks are busy, so I was hoping to avoid sending in duplicate Requests.

I’ll just continue to “wing it” and try not to submit more than 5 or 6 a day! (Just kidding!!!)

Thanks for replying.

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