Topaz Studio why has file extension changed from .jpg to .jpeg

Topaz Studio - I’ve just noticed that my file names are now being saved with extension .jpeg using Save As or Batch save. It used to be .jpg and is annoying as one of my printing apps doesn’t recognise them as photos now! Of course I can rename the file while saving but it’s just annoying I have to remember to do it.


I’ve had the same problem. Topaz should go back to the standard .jpg


I am not sure why that is not an option under Preferences. Many of the photo editors I have offer options to allow you to choose between jpg and jpeg and tiff and tif.


I’m having the same issue and it is making me ponder if I want to purchase anymore items to go along with Studio. After researching, I see there is really no difference between jpg and jpeg except older versions of windows would not recognize file extensions larger than 3 characters.

However, when I’m in other programs and ask it to save the files alphabetically by file name, I am not getting the results I want. The jpg files are sorted first and then the jpeg files come second. This is making it harder when I put several pictures alphabetically into a a video timeline alphabetically. I have to find the jpeg files and move them in the timeline to the correct position or I will lose the proper order when I render a video or video slide show.

Yes I know I can rename the files, but that also takes extra steps that should not have to be taken. Please let us know how to save them as jpg files as well as jpeg files and this issue will go away.

I found that when you “save as” from Studio you can change the extension to .jpg before saving and the file will use that. Just remove the e out of jpeg.

Renaming usually works, but should not be an extra step. Topaz, please allow us to choose our extension.

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I agree that Topaz should let users easily save their edited files with the standard .jpg extension, without having to edit the extension every time. After all, jpg is sooo standard. This reeks of some programmer insisting that they know best and YOU WILL USE JPEG cos I say you will! Please give us the option to choose our default save extension.

I am also frustrated by the use of jpeg instead of jpg.