Topaz Studio vs Topaz Studio 2

When Topaz Studio 2 first came out I tried and did not like it. One reason is I could not find some of my favourites but in general I did not like it. I had read that I could have both versions at once. Today I decided to try to use version 2 and it says I have to Uninstall version 1 in order to use Topaz Studio 2. Has something changed? Are people liking version 2? I don’t want to uninstall version 1 and lose all my favourites. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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Make sure you don’t install it in the same directory as Studio 1.

I have both versions installed and so far I have not had an issue in using them. So when you use version 2 is it a trial version? Even if it is you should not have to uninstall TS 1.

I have both installed … but rarely use TS2 - for me it doesn’t have the functionality I need that the original Topaz Studio offers.


I tried to like TS2, I really did, but going back to TS1 was like a breath of fresh air. So much more creative and controllable. Why it was abandoned is a total mystery.


I had an 8-month long issue with my Mac and Topaz Precision Detail, finally resuming to use Topaz products once I switched to Catalina. I feel that Studio 2 is a huge step back some of the issues in random order:

  • No Full-Screen support, TS1 has great full-screen support.
  • Ergonomics of the layout for some unknown reason there is a more-or-less useless toolbar at the bottom now
  • Order of presets applied is unconventional, users have to re-learn that presets are applied bottom to top not top to bottom.
  • No publicly shared presets, which was a really killer feature, selection of looks out of the box is pathetic at best
  • Blue paint of coat for tools is now in line with other Topaz products but this is a very annoying color as it changes the perception of colors in my photos, I prefer off-black, dark grey tones as they don’t change how I see my photo. TS1 had almost perfect shades of gray.
  • I used to apply one of my standard presets to a whole batch of photos before introducing custom additional tweaks. Now batch processing is gone.
  • It also seems that AI Clear in TS2 is producing a slightly different result, removing some more fine details and at the same time not removing all noise.

Unfortunately, TS2, in my opinion, is a huge step back in terms of features and tools. Hopefully, Topaz team will reconsider.


Fully agreed on the Ai Clear issue!!! TS 1, still gives better results, and batch editing is amazing in version 1, I use it over TS 2 all the time!

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