Topaz Studio: Sony RAW files dull and lacking dynamic range



Thank you Artisan-West for your message. I appreciate your effort to clarify the basics of RAW technology for me. But… I know the facts and I know the technology.

As everyone seems to agree, RAW metadata gives the reference point where to start. It really puzzles me why Topaz Studio just ignores it. To make it even harder to understand is that Topaz Studio then automatically applies the lens correction, which too is a separate metadata.

Let’s see what they say on Topaz website:
Our tools empower you with better results, faster than ever

And about the supported file types:
Topaz Studio is a RAW editor. So, it only makes sense that our software work with RAW files, too!

So: Work with RAW files, better results, faster than ever. Really?

I can live with this. I just don’t like to be mislead.
I don’t want to blame anyone. The software just isn’t what I expected.

Thank you once again for your effort and time.

– Arthur

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I have already clearly stated above that Topaz are aware of this issue and are working on it.

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