Topaz Studio Software Updates

There are two check for update options: software and adjustments. When checking for software updates, does that include the adjustments as well? (Both Pro and supplied.) What does the “Check for Adjustment Updates” actually check for? It seems to download more effects, which I don’t use, and I seem to be getting more duplicate effects (aka presets?).

I tried searching the forums but didn’t find anything useful.




Good questions… I would like to hear more details about the Adjustment updates from the Topaz team as well.

Adjustment Updates will force Studio to check for Pro purchases (instead of waiting on the next automatic sync). Software Updates are updates to Topaz Studio itself.

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It seems as if when I run Adjustment Updates I’m also downloading additional effects presets (?). Is that correct?

I basically avoid using the effects panel as it appears to grow. I even have to edit My Effects and delete effects I haven’t added; same with Favorites. And it defaults to Public being turned on, adding an extra step to turn off.

I’m hoping that the Pro Adjustments can eventually be updated without downloading more effects.