Topaz Studio (& Plugin) Workflow

Is there somewhere you can point me for a general tutorial on workflow? Assuming that Lightroom is used for library functionality and basic edits, what are the recommended order of steps for various Topaz products and generally under what circumstances would or could each be leveraged for photo editing?

Topaz has some great webinars at as well as a youtube channel at

I am having a huge problem with this in regards to editing a pic in Studio then coming back to Lightroom. I have had a ticket open for over a year concerning losing color codes but recent webinars since AI Clear was released focused on using Apply during the editing to improve performance. That creates additional virtual copies which really confuses Lightroom upon exiting. Most of the time I have lost my edits, become confused on the multiple requests to save intermediate copies, or lose my edits due to loss of the color code.

Really need workflow steps to properly use Apply and save the color code back into Lightroom. This is bug territory, not webinar stuff!