Topaz Studio + paid for adjustments on travel computer?

When I travel I use a MS Surface Pro 3. Topaz Studio and paid for adjustments are on my home computer. If I install Studio on the Surface Pro computer as well will the paid for adjustments be available there too?

They are tied to your account; not your computer.


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You do need to be connected to the internet while you are using Studio.

I wondered about having to be online. I don’t know if that is such a good idea. It’s one thing to be online to update and bring things up-to-date and in-sync but if updates to plug-ins are for Studio…if a new buyer purchases them without having an older copy to fall back on in the event of not being able to access the Internet…could be problematic.

I was shocked to read that. at times it could be very inconvenient. How does it not work without an internet connection, Don? I turned off my internet connection and fired up Studio, duplicated an image and did an extreme edit, saved it and closed down. The edit showed up in my DAM as expected. Could you explain what part of Studio doesn’t work without a connection?

Certainly for when you want to use the community, updates, synch, sign in etc. There is nothing shocking as PS CC, LR CC also require you to be connected at times.

Your statement indicated I must be connected to Studio whilst using Studio which is shocking. When traveling I can do without community and updates etc. I am sure.

My apologies that it wasn’t explained fully.

Interesting answer… I would think your appeal is to NOT be “like” CC, not be like CC. Some of us have no CC. And besides, you don’t need to be connected all the time to use PS or LR CC.

For me it is unacceptable to require internet connection for my photograhy programs. Yes, I usually have (pretty pathetic) internet, but sometimes I have none. I expect my photography tools to work either way. Clarification please. Only for community, updates, etc or all the time.

If you read the post you quoted it says “require you to be connected at times”

Again, if you read the post you quoted, it says “use community, updates, synch, sign in etc.”