Topaz Studio - Minor Save Bug

In 1.0.8 when saving, the “Save Options” box pops up with the default best quality save and the “OK” button highlighted. However, pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard does not trigger the save operation. That requires moving the mouse to the button and clicking.

A minor inconvenience.

This on a PC running Windows 10.

There are a number of dialogue boxes in Studio where this happens.

I recently got an error message in Photoshop CS6 on my Mac when trying to open a tiff image I saved to my desktop from using the Studio v.1.0.8 standalone. I chose 8 bit_tiff_srgb in the save options?

Hoping @JoeFedric-TL reads this post and this gets his attention?

Did you start with a DNG file? There is a known problem with DNG to TIFF conversion that we’re working on. I’ve also noted the “Save” buttons not responding to keyboard input. We’re going to be releasing several updates to clean up many interface annoyances, as we get more and more stable releases out to everyone.

Don’t know who you were replying to, but in my case, I started with a jpeg file. Glad to hear this issue is getting attention and I’m looking forward to the new fix/update.