Topaz Studio Masking Brush Issues

I have several plugins that have an “edge aware” brush and they all work very well but the one in studio seems very poor in comparison. it seems to make no difference if edge aware is on or off it totally ignores hard edges no matter how careful I am. Photoshop tools for masking and other plugins with “edge aware” brushes are extremely precise, but I just can’t get a decent mask with studio at all.


I agree.The masking brush is far from “perfect.” I find it usable, but not when critical masking is needed.

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Can someone direct me to instructions on how to use masking. I cant find an easy way to change the brush back and forth from white to black. I am using invert, which is tedious. I would like to find the shortcuts for changing brush size. I found turning off edge aware gave a better mask faster

Use the Density slider - it paints black at one end, white at the other and all the shades of grey in between. It’s not the most descriptive name they could have thought of, and it’s confused an awful lot of us. I’m not sure whether there are any shortcuts for changing brush size , but if there are I’d like to know too.

I find the masking brush in Studio fine in all the adjustments except Textures and Image Layers. Topaz are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Not having (or knowing the) shortcuts for brush size is extremely frustrating. I am having trouble adjusting to the different masking technique required compared to Remask which is my go-to masking application.

The edge aware function worked better in a prior update. Think they broke it doing updates.