Topaz Studio Image Size Problem

I opened a .dng file directly into Studio and the image size is tiny. The enlarge buttons and the slider do not respond and the 100% and fit buttons are grayed out. Any ideas?

Can you upload the DNG file to a upload site such as DropBox where it can be downloaded from and investigated.

Also note where the DNG file is created please.

I uploaded another couple of files and they worked fine. Something must be wrong with the dng file.Thanks!

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Were they Panoramas or HDR images created in LR by any chance? LR creates thees files and somehow they are a little different than regular ones. Just a possibility.

Yes, it was an HDR created in LR but not a pano.

I would report this to Topaz and let them try it.

This might be the issue. DNG files, like all other RAW files, are generated by the camera they’re shot with. It sounds like you might want to try exporting to TIFF, then giving that same file another try.

Joe I have had issues with other software when the DNG files are created by Lightroom during the Panorama or HDR merge process. The normal DNG files that are created during import work fine. I am not sure what is being done when they create these special merged files but it has been causing issues for other programs.

You need to be aware that these images are not traditional DNG images but the Camera Raw/Lightroom Photo Merge HDR are saved as compact, scene-referred 16-bit floating point TIFFs that can contain over 30 stops of image data.

It is true to say though that the raw data is converted in as much as the lossless compression used is different. The DNG format is based on the TIFF 6 spec, which is an industry standard file format.

It is another example of the Adobe Standards being modified to suit the application and compete with 32bit HDR format. (Tongue in cheek)