Topaz Studio - How to copy masks between adjustments

I am not sure where the appropriate place for a Studio question is so, if this is the wrong place, perhaps someone could let me know where it should be and I will move it (or the moderator could move it).

I have just downloaded the new Topaz Studio app and have been playing with it to see how it works. For the most part it is self-explanatory but I have run into a question that I can not answer.

I wanted to copy a mask for use in further adjustments. That is, I want to mask out one section of the image, apply adjustments to that masked area and, when done, apply the same mask, invert it and apply adjustments to the other part of the image.I know I can invert the mask but I want to finish one set of adjustment, press Done, then use the same mask, inverted, on the same image for a second set of adjustments. The problem is that I can find no way to copy the mask.

I assume this means that there is another way to do what I want as copying masks would seem to be pretty basic functionality and if I can not do it, then there must be another way to do what I want. Can someone help me?


Click on the three horizontal bars next to the trash can on your first (source) adjustment and you’ll get an option to copy mask. Click on the same bars on your target adjustment and you’ll get an option to paste mask.

Thank you. I assumed it had to be there somewhere.

I guess I did not look around carefully enough.

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I have tried this as I assumed it would be the way to copy a mask, but when I go to paste in the second adjustment, it always pastes a complete black mask rather than the mask I copied.
Never mind! I figured it out. You must be careful that you copy the mask from the mask section not the adjustment section and then paste in the same part.
Perhaps others are making this mistake.

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