Topaz Studio hangs at Save All

I have 7 jpegs 2382x4256 on the film-strip and have used Save All … the computer just hangs - but there is nothing in the Task Manager to say that studio has stopped working?!

You best raise a support request Jack.

If I have several items on the film-strip - and I select one to Save As - the save proceeds OK but! As the Save is proceeding - if I happen to click on any other image on the film-strip - the Save turns into a hang!!! I must use Task Manager to get out. The strange thing is, Task Manager never reports Studio as “Not Working!”

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Good find Jack, I’ll try to reproduce it on our side and show it to a dev.

If I click Close All - then click Apply To All - then click Save - it works: all items are Saved. But sad to say, even this closes a lot of files before any get saved!!! Sporadic success.

If I directly click Save All from the File Menu - it hangs.