Topaz Studio File Save As request

Would it be possible when clicking on save for it to go into the folder the image came from? I keep having to find where images end up because I don’t remember to change the folder before saving.


Make sure you have updated to the current version 1.12.6
Topaz Studio has been operating as you requested for quite a few versions.

I do have the latest version. Maybe I am not understanding something?? What happens is that when I first open an image, then make changes to it, and then save it, it isn’t saved to the folder I opened it from. Instead, it is saved to whatever folder the previous image I worked on was in.

But after I find the image I saved, I have to move it to the correct folder. However, if I specifically tell Studio what folder I want to save something in, after that it will put it in that folder as I continue to work on and save the image.

I am asking that if I open an image, work on it, and then save it, that it should be saved to the folder I opened it from and not make me remember to tell it specifically to save to the folder I opened it from.

If I am doing something wrong, please tell me.


There’s an option in Edit > Preferences that makes it do this - “Default save location to last save path”- you need to uncheck it. The default is to save it in the folder it was opened from.


Thanks Paul - I just unchecked it and it seems to have solved my problem. :grinning:

Many thanks!

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No problem Sheila.