Topaz Studio - Clarity and Impression Not Working

I am using PSE 15 on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.5. I have the Topaz Studio (not the Beta) installed and when I try to access Clarity or Impression I receive the following message “Sorry we couldn’t find any results” So far I haven’t received a valid answer to my question when I submit a ticket as to how to fix this issue. I was told there will be a new Studio coming out and until then there is no help for the old Studio. Well my problem is I have these plugins (paid for) which I cannot use. Any suggestions would be helpful…please…so not happy right now, and I have always loved Topaz

It may be that the links to those specific sets of presets was affected by the installation of the Beta product, new versions of OS or Software. If you have already downloaded and reinstalled try this.

Just open Topaz Studio from the plugins, then select the presets for Clarity or Impression from the Effects menu: