Topaz Studio and standalone Photoshop CS6 Extended

I am a non-techie photographer who is looking to purchase Topaz Impressions. I am currently running the standalone version of Photoshop CS6 Extended, and I am not looking to go onto their cloud pay as you go version.

Will Topaz Studio work as an integrated plug-in with my Photoshop CS6?

Does Impressions also operate as a standalone application within a standalone Topaz Studio?

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Yes, no problem at all.

Impression works as a standalone and as a plug-in to Studio which works as a standalone, if that’s what you mean.

Many thanks

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Hey Stephen,
Good to see yet another hold out using CS6.

Your question has been pretty much answered by the others but thought I’d pass this on. If Studio doesn’t end up installing itself under the PS Filters tab as it should, try the utility found here towards the bottom of the page:

Once it successfully does it’s magic, under PS’s Filters menu you’ll see a Topaz Labs as well as a Topaz Studio item. The Lab one is for your stand-alone tools and Studio is obviously for Studio.



Thanks Mark

CS6 (no cloud) user here also.

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I’ve heard a lot about the fact that Mac is better suited for editing photos

Once upon a time Macs were the primary choice for photo editing but for years either PCs or Mac work well. Its just a matter of how much processing power you have and the size of your photos. One note, some people think the Adobe Photoshop CC (cloud version) runs in the “cloud” but it actually runs on your own computer. I used it for several years but finally canceled due to reduced need. Now I use Affinity Photo which is the nearest thing I have found to Photoshop and it is not subscription and is only $50.

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That’s total nonsense. Only Mac fan boys tell you that! PCs and Macs these days are all built on the same hardware so there is no difference. Macs tend to make you work in only one way setting up everything the way Apple thinks you should do everything and it has quirks like hiding all your image files in iPhoto which behaved (now defunct and no wonder) like the BORG (You will be assimilated). PCs on the other hand (although Microsoft wants very much to become more Mac like on a weekly basis) tend to work well for free spirited people who don’t like to be told how they MUST do everything. I build my own PCs and my current workstation is twice as powerful as the most powerful Mac Pro you can buy. I love working in Photoshop and Lightroom on it.

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Still using CS6 Extended on a Mac…will not go to CC… have been using Luminar 2018 and Topaz as my main go to editing program, but still many things I like to do in CS6. Maybe it will be the next big Mac update that kills of CS6?.. Hope not

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