Topaz Studio and pro adjustment texture question

I have paid for and verified and synced my paid for topaz studio textures. However, when I try to see them nothing happens ! When I move through them they do not apply to my open image. I can’t understand it - what am I doing wrong? Can somebody help me as I am totally frustrated as all other pro adjustments just fine.

Please post a screenshot of what you are doing. If you are simply scrolling through the Adjustment list you will need to select one to add it to the image, it will not adjust your image until you select it.

Will send screenshot tomorrow but I am pretty certain I am doing everything as you indicate. Total mystery.

Don’t forget to click Apply!

No. As you move or scroll over the individual textures they should preview on your image, no?

Yes they should…are you having SuperFetch problems at all? (Look inside Task manager…)

Don’t know what that is but will check into it !

Don’t seem to have SuperFetch listed in my Task Manager at all……

Hi again Don, here is a screen grab. I am doing everything I should be doing. What could be the issue?

Go to Help-> Reset Local Database and exit from Topaz Studio and start the stand-alone version again. See if that helps.

Hi Don, I have version 1.9 of studio. Should I update to current 1.13 version? If so, does the update recognize and retain all my purchased plug-ins like clarity and impression plus all my paid for pro adjustments?

Thanks again.

Absolutely, select Check for Software Updates from the Help menu. If it says there are no updates just download the installer from Topaz Labs website. In this case, the installer will delete the previous installation before installing the new version.

Do I lose my plug-ins and pro adjustments or does the update recognize and keep them?

I think it said v. 1.13nwas the current .

The Update keeps them - and allows you the added option of d/loading many high resolution textures as well.

Thanks Don. Will do the update this afternoon and let you know. I really appreciate your help.

I luv topaz products and have them all. I used to watch all the help videos that Nicole did, she was great and I was sorry when she left.

Thanks again and fingers crossed. Enjoy your Sunday.


Under Help there is not reset local database option.

so, I am just unsure - after I update will all my plug-ins be installed or do I have to go and re-install them somehow?

Sorry to be a pest and thanks.

In my Help menu is this…

If its not in yours, then we are in deep trouble!

Nope, not there…. Deep trouble?

My help menu does nit have many of these options.