Topaz studio 2

Is it still possible and how do I acquire Topaz studio looks?

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Hi, here’s a link for Topaz Studio 2 page

Sorry no longer available

Hope this helps

Thank you.

I don’t know where you found that link but it doesn’t lead anywhere. Studio 2 was officially discontinued quite some time ago and is no longer supported, i.e. it’s now a legacy product.

Hi Paul. I didn’t know about Topaz Studio AI being discontinued and that Mask AI, Adjust AI and Jpeg to RAW had also been discontinued, yet their all accessible from the Account’s page.

Apologies for any confusion

They’re only accessible in the Account page by those who own them so they can re-install them if necessary. Same with all the legacy apps. They’re all also in the legacy apps page but non-owners will only be able to use them in trial mode.

I do find PhotoAI not intuitive like Studio2 was. Studio2 laid out all the filters you could want include a texture filter to potential create a layers. I don’t find this in Photo AI