Topaz Studio 2 - Wish List Feature - "Create Layer Group"

Perhaps the functionality is already there and I missed it…

I would really like the same ability in Studio 2 that I have in Ps CC 2019 to Group layers that are associated with one another.

For that entire Group of clustered (grouped) sub-layers I’d want the Eye Icon that’s on the Group layer level of the hierarchy to turn On/Off the entire set of grouped layers.

I’d like to use it as a way to compare different looks I create in a single session w/in Studio 2. I would want to turn the Eye Icons off or on to figure out my fave interpretation of my image(s).

Then, I’d leave the Eye Icons “on” only for the single Group look I like best before hitting “Accept” (since I only work with Studio as a plugin to Ps CC 2019 - on a Win PC).

Topaz folks, is that doable? Currently? As a new feature request? Thx!


I think you could use Looks to do this by making each group of filters into a Look. Then use the Eye to turn them all off. Then turn them on one at a time to compare.

The downside is you’d have a bunch of custom Looks that I’m assuming you wouldn’t want to keep. If so, you’d then have to delete those each time at the end of the process.

Essentially, Looks are a group as you described.

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Yeah that could be a stopgap workaround. But not elegant or time effective for users as a regularly used solution.

You are right the wherewithal for Topaz to create what could be more elegant coding (moral equivalent of Actions in Ps might do it based on the steps you proposed) should exist given your concept! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d add to the wish list the ability to create a 50% grey layer and then use dedicated dodge and burn tools to lighten / darken specific areas of the image.

Or am I missing something? Can this be done with the masking tools?

At the moment, I can’t think of a way to do dodge and burn simultaneously in a single operation.

However, you could add two Color Overlay filters set to 50% grey, and set the blending modes to Linear Burn and Linear Dodge respectively. Then use the masking tool on each to darken and lighten as desired. This may seem like a more involved approach, but it might be more flexible since you could choose any level of grey (0-100%) independently for the dodging and burning, vary the opacity of the blending modes for each, and vary the opacity of the masking brush too.

Or, you could use a completely different approach such as separate Curves or Basic Adjustment filters for lightening and darkening with appropriate masking on each.


Scott, They should have you present a Studio 2 webinar called something like, “What To Do When You Can’t Do It (Easily) in Topaz Studio.” As a temp ‘Band-Aid’ till Topaz adds desired features functionality from its roadmap…

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Thanks for the praise, but I don’t think I’m the webinar type. :cold_sweat: :grinning: Certainly up for helping when I can though.

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