Topaz Studio 2 When Exporting TIFFs Causing Denoise To Add Tint

Source File:

To Here Export As TIF No Compression 16 Bit:
Than DeNoise Max Settings Save as DNG
Than Open Back up in Studio2.

@JesusSheep ,

As can be seen in the following screen shots, the exported .DNG files from both DenoiseAI and SharpenAI show a significant pinkish tint. The source file used in this case was a sample .NEF file (Courtesy of Manny Gonzalez Photography). Note that the exported .TIF files don’t show the same issue. The default Auto settings were used in both DenoiseAI and SharpenAI.

The same pinkish tinge is seen when the exported files are opened in Studio 1 and in Studio 2.

I also get similar results when using either .JPG, .TIF or .ARW source files with DenoiseAI and SharpenAI. The problem seems to be with the .DNG export.

What I find interesting is your choice to go from an 8 bit JPG source to a 16 bit TIF and then to a .DNG.
Can I ask please what benefit you expected to gain from that workflow?

For Me Here I can only upload JPEG and png.So I uploaded a file That all could Use Dng When you Open A Raw In Studio 2 Export as Tiff Than run Denoise I A different tint than denoising the raw.

I use max Settings.


I’m not finding that.
For the images below I opened a ISO 3500 raw .ARW file in Studio 2 and without making any changes exported it as a 16 bit TIF image.
Here are the results (screen shots) of that.

I then processed both the original .ARW file, and the 16 bit TIF file from Studio 2 in DenoiseAI and in each case exported a 16 Bit TIF “denoised” file. Those two “denoised” files were then opened in Studio 2 and screen shots taken for comparison.

Whilst there are some minor color differences, the results in my view are quite acceptable and show none of the pinkish tinges experienced from DNG exports.

As far as the DenoiseAI process is concerned, the auto suggested settings for both the .ARW and TIFF source files were very similar.
For the ARW file the auto suggested Remove Noise was 0.11 and for the TIF it was 0.10
For the ARW file the auto suggested Enhance Sharpness was 41 and for the TIF was 0.37

In my view, however the auto suggested Remove Noise was leaving too much noise and for the above examples the Remove Noise slider was increased to 0.51. The Enhance Sharpness slider was set to 0.37 for both the .ARW and the TIF file.

As a side note, I personally have never found it necessary to set the Remove Noise slider to Max. I try to use the minimum necessary to achieve a balance between minimising the noise and reducing the sharpness of the image.

My understanding also is that exporting a DNG file from a TIF/TIFF or JPG source file does not give the benefits that exporting a DNG from a proprietary RAW source file would. Perhaps if the source is not a proper RAW file it would be preferable to export as TIF/TIFF