Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.5 is now available

Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.5 update is now available. Here’s the change log:

  • Fixed issue where sometimes a recent filter would not add to the effect stack when clicked
  • Histogram is now available
  • Filter Presets are now available
  • Updated UI in Filter control panels to not clip top control

Downloads can be found here, just in case you don’t get notified:


Sorry this is late getting posted… I had it all typed up and forgot to submit it :frowning:

Really like the Histogram pop-up and it’s location. And the ability to click close it if you are working in the bottom LH corner of a landscape image. :ok_hand:


Yeah, the right panel over there (where histogram used to be) has a lot of really important stuff going on, while this guy is important too, its not needed for the entire workflow. So we wanted somewhere we could display it that would detract from the other work, still be useful, and not totally obscure part of your image


@russelltarpley Russell, what about allowing it to be undocked then individuals could drag it to where they want?


Studio 2 crashes when when attempting to open a file after updating to 2.0.5. Worked fine with 2.0.4. Tried unistalling and reinstalling. No Help. Windows 10 computer.

Rebooted computer. Works fine now.

Between the two, I wonder if lower right (of the image pane) might be more optimal than lower left ?

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Update went smoothly. Not a big fan of the histogram, on a retina screen it is tiny and in a quite difficult place. I agree that it should be undockable and also resizable.


great update … love the availability of the histogram … and thanks for the preset offerings in the filters


What would speed up using the Histogram, down where they’ve chosen to place it, is the ability for it to update when you mouse click in the modified image to briefly see the original image.

Like most people, I tend to look at the portion of the screen where my mouse is being used, so if I’m over on the right making adjustments, I’m not seeing what’s changing in the Histogram.

The ability to chimp the before and after version by clicking on the image closer to where the Histogram is placed would let us see both the image and the Histogram change together.

As mentioned in a couple of the posts above the histogram should be on the same side of the window as the Filters so that when you are making changes you can also see the histogram.

Also mentioned above - the tiny size and lack of brightness on hi res screens makes it very difficult to see.

Detachable and resizable would be fine, but the brightness must go up a bit.


@russelltarpley The install went as it should and I took a quick look. Where is the Histogram? I can’t find it.
I like the addition of the presets, but not all the filters has a preset. I would really like to see a preset for the Text filter. This would same so much time looking for your favorite font.

Histogram is accessed in the bottom left of the application window in 2.0.5. In 2.0.6 I am moving it to the right of the bottom tool bar over by the controls that affect it. And adding a tools menu that will trigger it as well

Custom Filter presets are coming pretty soon too so you can save a preset in text with the font you want.



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Thank you I kept looking at the top right

@russelltarpley I just did a digital frame on a picture and wanted to save it as a preset. to my dismay there was not way to do that in v 2.0.5 . It has a few presets but you can’t save one.

That’s coming in the next update.


Did a round trip from Lr but the returned tiff was no different to the tiff I sent to Adjust in the first place. No metadata crash though.