Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.10 is now available

Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.10 update is now available. Here’s the change log:

  • Fixed bug where images would be blurry when imported from Photoshop
  • Fixed controls being dragged inside the sidebar on touchscreen devices
  • Fixed Text filter’s box from getting stuck in some situations
  • Fixed Text filter acting strangely when given no text
  • Fixed resizing after a crop bringing in the wrong dimensions
  • Fixed rotation hint arrows on crop pointing the wrong way
  • Added basic Wacom tablet/stylus support for windows users

Downloads can be found here, just in case you don’t get notified:


Has fixed that problem when used as plugin from Affinity Photo too. That’s a huge relief.


It’s getting better each time…but still has those 2 identical ‘Stain Glass’ presets in ‘Add Look’.
OK, it’s just me but those 2 ‘Add Look’ presets bug me now. I check each update hoping that we are back to just 1 Stain Glass (and please rename it to Stained Glass).
Thanks Topaz.

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On my Mac, update has reverted to the last but one routine where it went round twice before finally updating.

Yep, yep, yep…getting there!

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The update twice thing happened to me as well, I’m going to look into it today and see if I can figure out why this is happening for Mac users. My windows machine hasn’t ever shown this issue.

I moved this up the bug list. We’ll see about getting it resolved for you.

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Windows was the same problem but never updated. I had to uninstalled and install again

Confirmed :+1:
That one was holding me back from actually using Studio 2 in Affinity. Great to see it fixed!

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Wacom Tablet issues:

  • When using the brush, pressing the spacebar brings up original but releasing doesn’t change back to the applied look
    • Releasing the spacebar should return to the applied look
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This Photo Converted To Raw With these Settings Opened in Topaz Studio 2 Latest Show Result Displayed in This Photo I Mac 27 2017 .

Testing for Topaz Studio 2 Version 2.0.10

My computer specs.
Alienware Aurora R8 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 9900K (8-Core/16-Thread, 16MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.7GHz on all cores)
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti GDDR6 (Over Clock Ready)
Installed Memory (RAM) 32GB Dual Channel HyperX™ DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz
850W EPA Bronze PSU Liquid Cooled Chassis
Photoshop CC Version 20.0.4 release Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1903 Internet provider Century Link fiber optic Gigabit

Updated from within the previous version.

  1. I never had any blurry images when importing from Photoshop, so I’ll accept that the bug is fixed.
  2. I don’t use a touchscreen device so I can’t verify if it’s fixed or not.
  3. As hard as I tried, I could not make the text filter box get stuck.
  4. I have not observed the text filter acting strangely when given no text. It seemed perfectly calm and serene.
  5. I have no way to prove whether the dimensions of cropped images are correct or not. My rulers don’t work well with pixels or precentages, so I will assume it is fixed.
  6. Thank you for fixing the rotation hint arrows.
  7. My old but reliable Wacom Tablet worked with this version. I just need to get used to using it.

You Are Using as Plugin Never Happens There My Test is Standalone it Self Out Side of Photo Shop.:slight_smile: