Topaz Studio 2 v2.0.11 update comments

Just installed the latest update (2.0.11) and great to see only 1 ‘Look’ called Stained Glass (you also got rid of the Stain Glass name too).
That’s the first thing I checked once the update was installed.
Just had to check that you were indeed fixing things.
Great to see…happy punter here.

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Stain Glass → Stained Glass was listed as an explicit line item in the change log. :slight_smile: So it was on their to-do list.

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Oui, mais ce n’est pas ça le plus important… Les bug le sont plus…
macOS and LR, pluging don’t work
macOS Preferences not alowed to edit

Yes, but that’s not the most important … The bug is more …macOS and LR, plugging do not workmacOS Preferences not alowed to edit