Topaz Studio 2 (v2.0.1) - I can not Exit the program

After saving my settings with the “Save Look” option, I can not get out of the program!

I can not close the program in any way!

DEMO here:

I had to kill the process in “Task Manager”, to close the program!

Top Left is an X - use that to exit?

It’s Windows version, and X is in the top-right. And yes, just look at the video.

It’s behaving like you have a dialog box hidden behind the window that’s waiting for user input. Since you can’t see it, you can’t complete the task it’s trying to finish before it let’s you close the window.

If you can replicate it go through the exact steps and raise a support request at the Topaz Labs main website.

Here is the steps:

  • I opened Topaz Studio 2.0.1;
  • I loaded my image;
  • I added filter “AI Clear” and made some settings on this filter;
  • I added filter “Dehaze” and made some settings on this filter;
  • I added filter “HSL Color tuning” and made some settings on this filter;
  • I saved the modified image, with “File > Export” menu;
    The picture was saved, everything was ok.
  • I clicked the “Save Look” button on top-right;
  • I added name and description to my “custom” filter (named “Peisaj 1”);
    Now, when I wanted to close the program, I could not.

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Raise a technical support request at the Topaz Labs website.


When I follow your recipe, at the point where you attempt to exit (either File->Exit, or the X at top right), I get a dialogue saying the Image has not been exported, although of course it has. Until such time as either the Yes or No is selected in that dialogue, the program won’t exit.

As andymagee-52287 suggested earlier in this thread, it would appear in your setup, that dialogue may be hidden.

It does maybe raise the question as to why Saving a Look is seen as a change to the already exported image

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That is because the Look is saved from an image that has had the Look/Filters applied to it during editing, so the image has actually been changed.


Yes the original image was changed by the application of the Filters, but that changed image was exported immediately before saving the Look, so I wouldn’t have expected that just saving the look would cause further changes.

Either way though, saving the look first, then exporting the image, instead of exporting the image and then saving the look, means that the “Image not exported” dialogue doesn’t occur.


@Greyfox, THANK YOU!!! :smiley: