Topaz Studio 2 .. Restore default Looks?

I have had no less than 5 times my Sharpen.AI quits on startups and the usual fix was to try to find any preference files and then reinstall and it comes back. Hasn’t this time but I noticed I must of trashed some Topas Studio 2 Looks as all the out of box looks are all gone and I really love using a couple of them on photos.

I reinstalled the app from the site (2.3.2) and no looks were restored. Is there a way to get back these default looks? i.e. Expressionism ( I believe that’s what the name was)

If they are a default look they will be reinstalled.

Otherwise you will need to search through your PC and find the deleted files.

I just reinstalled Studio 2 and the Look you are looking for is there under the Artistic category:


If you installed to the default locations the Looks are in ProgramData, as yo can see here the Artistic category has its own folder:

C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2\Looks