Topaz Studio 2 problem

how to stop Topaz Studio 2 from opening when I download and open my photos from my camera’s SD card on my desktop. the message I get is that Topaz is my default and I am unable to stop the problem. all I want to do is open my photos on the desktop to look at them to see what I want to delete without them opening in Topaz Studio 2. I am using a MacBook Pro. Please help.

You need to change the file association, but as a Windows user I can’t help you. No doubt a Mac user here will be able to help.

Thank you for replying.

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I am having the same problem on my iMac, so would be grateful for an answer as to how to change the file association.

So, you mean when opening images from the Finder or desktop? If so, you need to select an image in Finder, then click on Command+I to get the info screen. Once there, you want to change the “Open With” app to Preview, and then click on Change All below the option to make it the default for all files of that type. If you have different file extensions (jpg,png,jpeg,etc), you would have to do that on one image of each type.

The info I sent you I got from Apple because I had no idea what to do either. It works!

Great, thanks I’ll try it out.

Thanks that worked fine. Easy when you know where to look!