Topaz Studio 2: Network access is disabled (0)

I just ordered Topaz Studio 2, downloaded it and installed.

No matter what I do I get a Red error “Network access is disabled (0)” when I start it up and it asks me to register.

I registered several Topaz products so that is not the problem.
Disabled any firewall or anti-virus, so that too is not the problem.

Uninstalled, deleted folders, deleted registry settings, rebooted…
I can’t get passed that error and it also shows that I have 0 trials days left

Please state your OS and make sure you haven’t blocked access to the Topaz verification servers as some people have been doing to stop update notices on other products.


Windows 10, and all (Bundled) Topaz products registered correctly except this one.
I disabled all firewall, anti-virus,… that I can think off.

I also noticed that it is an instant error, not a 30 second delay.

If it is an instant error it would either mean the servers are down or Windows is blocking it.

Have you checked your Studio is in the correct user ID registered on the Topaz website?

I wonder if it has something to do with installation.
I installed all Topaz products before and registered without issues.

Topaz Studio 2 was the last one I installed.
I wonder is a shared dll is causing it.

Also my trials period is 0.

Retried with a more uninstall deep cleaning of any registry settings.
The exact same problem persists.

I noticed that the error is instant. No timeout response.

Are you using a VPN?