Topaz Studio 2 is unable to open TSP files from earlier versions

Many of my works from earlier versions of Topaz Studio reside in TSP files. Topaz Studio 2 will not open or has no way to import works saved in this format as far as I can see.

If you still have the old program, open the file in that and re-save as a jpg file. Unfortunately the history will not come with it

The old program no longer works. Crashes on startup. So there is no way to port TSP files to projects?

The new format is TS2 and TSP files cannot be opened in Studio 2.

When you say that Topaz Studio 1 crashes on startup, what OS version are you using? And have you reinstalled using the installer from the Legacy section on the download page?

I will have to reload that copy from legacy. I am using it on the 2015 iMac I had always used it on. Perhaps some OS updates caused it to crash. Currently on Mojavie.