Topaz studio 2+Image layer

I bought Topaz studio 2 with the promise of the image layer function.
I note that this function is still not active, whereas it is essential in my work.
With each request, always the same promise but nothing comes.
I would like to get things done because at the moment I cannot use your software properly !!

Workaround - add second layer by incorporating it as if it was a texture.

Get Studio 1 if you can, it’s way more functional.

But we Studio diehards are
prepared to await the amazing
functionality promised in the
final version of Studio 2 …

How long will we have to wait?!

How long is a piece of string …?

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My workaround – run TS2 as a plugin in another image editor such as Affinity Photo or PhotoLine.

(macOS Catalina version 10.15.4)

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Hello, Of course this is what I do with Photoshop. However, this requires a lot of back and forth. In addition, this function was promised when I bought it many months ago. This motivated my purchase, because I work almost exclusively with background effects. So why not use Studio 1 since it seems to work with it, but is it free? Otherwise yes I get a little impatient !!!