Topaz studio 2 +Image layer


Hello. When I bought Topaz Studio 2, I was told that the “image layer” function would be included in this version. What motivated my purchase, an essential function for my work. Unless I have seen it wrong, I still cannot find this function !! Can I hope to find it very soon? cordially

It is on the roadmap, but there is no firm date.

There are many of us who are anticipating image layers, along with a healing brush. Lets hope this will be provided in the near future.


Hi - I just read your question. I am a happy user of TS 1 and TS 2. I think I can help with your question: In Topaz Studio 2, you can upload photos in the Textures filter. You can then blend these in using the Texture
Opacity Slider and the masking (I also have Topaz Mask AI and use this as a Plugin from the “Filters” Menu. Note that I have found a few bugs with Mask AI functionality within TS2. However, it does work.

Hope this helps.
Happy Editing