Topaz Studio 2 - Drop down examples?

You guys are doing a great job. Studio 2 ‘feels’ better.

One concrete element I miss from the previous version is the 3 or so examples of each filter in the drop-down menu. I appreciated these and use them a lot.

When I open a filter I haven’t used recently I will tour through these options to see what its capable of. This is my most used documentation. Often, I tweak from one of the presets.

Still exploring. Thank you.


Seconded. I used these examples as starting points. Now without them, I don’t even know where to start tweaking the filters to get to a look I want. Please reinstate these example drop-downs.


I’m missing that feature (presets for individual filters), too. But you should also have the possibility to save your own filter presets (not just “looks”) for creating your own starting points.

NB: There is another thread on this: Missing: copy/paste mask and filter presets

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